Con of a Teenage Drag King




“Confessions of a Teenage Drag King” is available NOW

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Lauren Garber is living a double life. By day, she’s Lauri, an average high-school student just trying to scrape by her last semester of school. By night, he is Ren, a confident and popular performer at a weekly all-ages drag show.

The hard lines between Lauri and Ren start to fall apart when a mysterious young woman named Clover appears on the scene.
After one of his show-stopping performances, Ren meets Clover and feels an instant connection. The next day, Clover appears as the new kid at Lauri’s high school.
Ren keeps on flirting with Clover over online messages and weekend dates, while Lauri becomes awkward and distant when paired with Clover for a school project.
As Lauri and Ren’s two worlds start to collide, will they step into the spotlight or risk losing Clover for good?

You can also find this book at Glad Day Books, Another Story, Chapters, Amazon and the Lorimer Website

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