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Two-part DVD Set of the 3-hour film Mosaic.
Shortened, 1-hour version is available for free online.

In 2014, Shane Camastro and Markus “Star” Harwood-Jones launched Mosaic. Focused on gender, community, and survival, this documentary follows Markus during the summer of 2012 during which he was a homeless transgender youth couch-surfing across Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Houston, Oakland, and San Francisco.

“What is Gender?” Markus asks this question to the many trans folks who take him in along his journey. Nonetheless, he can’t seem to find a clear answer. Mosaic takes a turn as Markus is made to question his assumptions of a shared trans identity, experience, and “community,” becoming a project of knitting together disparate and contradictory stories, acting as a site of dialogue to discuss the myriad forms of trans survival and resilience.

What makes Mosaic unique is not only the content of the film, but its production process. Mosaic is an all-trans documentary, including the editing team and the artists featured in the film’s unique soundtrack. This work is more than a film – it is a practice in directly supporting trans individuals and their communities.


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