A co-production of Shane Forrest and Markus “Star” Harwood-Jones, Mosaic follows Markus during the summer of 2012 during which he was a homeless queer and trans youth couch-surfing across Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Tampa, Houston, Redlands, Oakland, and San Francisco. Along the way, Markus connected with nearly 50 different trans people and asked them to share their insights on the topics of Gender, Community, and Survival. What makes Mosaic unique is not only the content of the film, but its production process. Mosaic is an all-trans documentary project, including the editing team and the artists featured in the film’s unique soundtrack. This work is more than a film – it is a practice in directly supporting trans individuals and their communities.

The Mosaic DVD was released August 28, 2014.

The online version of Mosaic was released August 28, 2018.

The re-release of Mosaic included the launch of the Mosaic Scholarship for Two Spirit, Trans, Genderqueer and otherwise non-cisgender new-media creatives. In October 2018, The Mosaic Documentary Project awarded 8 individuals a total of $1500 to support their upcoming projects!