Markus ‘Star’ Harwood-Jones is an author, artist, and academic based in Toronto.

He is the author of YA novels including In a Heartbeat (2021), Confessions of a Teenage Drag King (2020) and We Three (2019). He has also produced several zine series and the documentary film Mosaic.

Markus maintains an active Tiktok with over 100,000 followers.

Markus also works as a public speaker and workshop facilitator, specializing on the topics of gender, sexuality, creative writing, community research, zine-making, and collective storytelling.

Markus holds a BA in Sociology from Toronto Metropolitan University, an MA in Gender Studies from Queen’s University, and he is currently undertaking a Ph.D. at Queen’s as well.

Original art and associated merchandise are available at the Starkiss Creations storefront.