#GiveACrap with the Trans Collective

Published on page 23 of the Continuist (2016), “A Cartoon about Trans Collective” recaps the origins of the Trans Collective at X University. As a co-founder of the Trans Collective, Markus facilitated the creation of multiple collective zines and educational pamphlets – including the “#GiveACrap” campaign.

#GiveACrap was created in response to the lack of accessible, gender-neutral washrooms and changerooms on the campus of X University. This zine was created among the members of the Trans Collective and strategically distributed across 1/3 of all washrooms on campus, in reflection of the demand of 1/3 of all facilities to become gender-neutral.

The #GiveACrap campaign collaborated with a working group of administrators and professors at X University and ultimately saw success – not only have 1/3 of all campus facilities become gender neutral, but all washrooms and changerooms now have educational signs explicitly stating that all trans people are welcome to use whatever facility best suits them.