Just Julian & Romeo for Real

Romeo for Real and Just Julian are a pair of interwoven novels, focusing on two teenagers growing up in modern day Winnipeg. 

Romeo is excelling on the school basketball team and getting ready to graduate while silently dealing with feelings of inadequacy. Meanwhile, Julian is a struggling artist and who was forced out of school. When the two boys meet at a party, they are immediately drawn to one another – from first glance, they are unable to look away. But for the pair to be together, Romeo needs to confront the violence spouting from his closest friends and family, while Julian has to face his fears and learn how to trust again. 

Can these two teens stay together as their two worlds pull them apart?

In this queer take on a classic Shakespearean tale, Romeo and Julian’s contrasting communities crash into one another as the two boys learn how to live out their own kind of love story.

Written by Markus Harwood-Jones and published by Lorimer Ltd., these books are designed for ages 13+.

These two novels can be bought found in the Starkiss Creations store, on the Lorimer website, Chapters, Another Story Bookshop, and Glad Day Books.