Jasbina “Jassie” Dhillon has been sent to a performing arts based summer camp, but she’s certain that she doesn’t have a single talent.

Jassie knows her parents are worried, since she’s struggling at school and failing at making any real friends. But camp seems just like it’s going to be more of the same, only without online TV shows to fall back on. To Jassie’s surprise, she quickly connects with two other campers, a trouble-making poet named Syd and a shy guitarist named Ams. The problem is, Ams and Syd can’t seem to stand each other. To make matters even worse, Jassie is developing romantic feelings for both of them.

Just as Jassie is worried she may need to choose one over the other, Ams and Syd start to get along — a little bit too well. When Ams and Syd admit they have feelings for each other, Jassie is sure she’s missed her chance at both love and friendship. But then both share that they’re attracted to Jassie too. Rather than letting themselves get stuck in a love triangle, the trio decides to all date one another. Instead of a couple, they become a triad.

The three spend the remainder of their time at camp learning how to build and maintain a relationship that’s unique to them. And they do it all while navigating gossip, jealousy, and preparing for the end of summer talent show.

“We Three” shows the story of a polyamorous triad, following the highs and lows of three queer and trans teens as they fall in love at an arts-based summer camp.

Published with Lorimer Ltd., this book is for ages 13 and up.

“We Three” has been reviewed by Quill and Quire, and featured by the CBC.

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